It’s a great time to be a TWD fan right now, no seriously…

  • The new episode is getting closer, it’s not even a month away you guys *-*
  • We now know that Daryl’s still alive at the end of this season (BLESS THIS NEWS AND THE PERSON WHO DECIDED NOT TO KILL HIM OFF. OH AND NORMAN DESERVES ALL THE AWARDS OKAY)
  • Season 3 will now have 16 motherfucking episodes!
  • I have too many feelings right now :’D

Season 2 theories: Will we be introduced to Loraine Baxter?

Not that we’ll ever know for sure since the second season will start with new characters but I’m still pretty mindfucked on some things (thanks to the trolling genius that is Ryan Murphy, ugh you fuck I hate you).

can’t decide on whether to make a blog dedicated to joe gilgun, rudy wade or just misfits in general…

decisions, fucking decisions :3

any ideas guys?

For those who don’t know…

That’s Alex Breckenridge (Young Moira of AHS), not that dumbass @titlangdon. They dated back in ‘08 and she’s even said so on her Twitter if you don’t believe me. Besides, his current girlfriend, Alexia Quinn, looks nothing like her so yeah.

Can someone please explain this to me?

I just saw this and I’m even more mindfucked than I usually am with this show so I need your guys help! Alright so obviously Tate is the Rubberman, but how is it possible for him to be standing behind Charles Montgomery!? …Or could it be that’s the present? and that’s Charles ghost? I’m only up to the second or third episode but I haven’t heard of Charles making an appearance in the newer ones so what the fuck D:

It’s such a shame that Heath Ledger is gone. He was such a great actor, I literally haven’t seen a movie of his I don’t like. One role of his I really love (I believe it was his last?) was him playing Joker in Dark Knight. It would’ve been great for Joker (ofcourse being played by him) to make a return in TDKR… and maybe Harley Quinn alongside him? *____*

Some people have already started saying ‘Don’t hate on Pedicone, he made a mistake.’

I don’t hate the guy, but I’m fucking pissed off. I know it sounds crazy but it’s like someone stole and took advantage of my best friends. Even if MCR wasn’t my favourite band or didn’t save my life, I’d still feel this way. Because of MCR he became even more known then he already was (and probably ever will be) and appreciated because we already thought of him as part of the MCR family. Well at least some of us did, I would actually stand up for the guy against all the other fans who hated on him only because Bob was gone. I wish I could give the guys a hug right now, they were so generous with him and made him feel apart of the band and he completely betrayed them…


Just a thought…

I know most of you won’t agree with me but that’s okay.

I guess with not seeing my lovely John in RHCP’s new video (which yes I still have it on replay ‘cause it’s fucking awesome!) and seeing Josh instead it’s finally gotten through my head that he’s not in the band anymore. I hate that, but I’m also starting to really like Josh.

I think Josh is extremely talented and I love the fact that it’s seems to come so natural to him, just like it was for John when he started out in the band (well ofcourse I think it still does but you know what I mean lol). I think the guys made a good decision with who they chose to be the bands new guitarist just like they made all the other times (which were a fuckload of other times, just saying).

So in conclusion: I really like Josh, but I will always miss John… and I hope his cunt of a stalker gets hit in the face with a chair :D