Boondock Saints Q&A Part 2

Title: Shrinking Universe Artist: Muse 128 plays


“Shrinking Universe” by Muse

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Boondock Saints Q&A Part 1

I don’t really remember a time when someone wasn’t judged if they cut themselves, were suicidal, gay, etc. Damn, the world is so fucked up… I mean if you’re not going to, you know, “act like a human being” and just be there for that person and at least try to understand anything they might be dealing with then get up and fucking leave but don’t try to knock them down even more ‘cause at the end you’re giving them more reason to keep hurting themselves.

Le rant is over.


Am I the only one who wanted to be Tim Curry’s fuck buddy in TRHPS? 



I promised everyone I loved I’d never cut again.
I can’t do it. I’m not that strong. 


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Muse album and RHCP touring in the states all in the same year!?!?

Norman, you bamf ;)


So talking with my family the other day, I found out that some believe that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt. Yea I know, they’re fucking assholes but let me go on. They said, and I quote, ’ it’s disgusting. ’ I almost started crying right there at the table. I mean who the fuck are you to judge people in wanting to care and love a child? Raising a child to be your son or daughter and teaching them right from wrong doesn’t mean that’s up to only a man and a woman. & on a side note, my mom thinks that the definition of cutting is ‘to get attention’. Seriously, can you see why I just don’t like most people? I mean shit! just when I thought that I shouldn’t be such a basket case and try opening up more to them, I find that even they are full of ignorance like most. I can’t believe I’m even related to them half of the time.


1. Scar Tissue - RHCP
2. The Pretender - Foo Fighters
3. Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix
4. Saturday Superhouse - Biffy Clyro
5. Astro Zombies - MCR
6. Lisztomania - Phoenix
7. Falling Down - Muse
8. Thanks For The Memories - Fall Out Boy
9. God Save The Queen - Sex Pistols
10. Edge of The Earth - 30STM

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