Not that we’ll ever know for sure since the second season will start with new characters but I’m still pretty mindfucked on some things (thanks to the trolling genius that is Ryan Murphy, ugh you fuck I hate you).

Anyways here are the things that I’ve been wondering:

  • First off, I saw the post with what seems to be part of the Pilot script. It says that Tate took his own life after the massacre. Yes, I get that that’s not what happened in the show, or at least that’s not what was shown. What I mean is, in this case with Larry, Larry said in the beginning of the season that he himself killed his own family and later on we found out that it was actually his wife. I just think there has to be a reason for Tate seeing himself during one of his sessions with Ben (which people thought was his twin, but that was proven to be bullshit) with blood running down his face. It could also explain the script, and maybe the reason why Tate did this before the SWAT team shot him:

  • Then there’s what happened with the whole ‘Croatoen’ crap. (Wait, did I even spell that right? xD) Billie Dean told Violet that to permanently get some of the spirits out of the house that she had to have something ‘they left behind.’ Am I the only that thought she meant ‘left behind in their previous life?’ Billie Dean is definitely not a fraud since she communicated telepathically with Violet, so it must’ve been Violet who fucked up.
  • Oh and one last thing. Some AHS fans have said that the Murder House ghosts would cross over was if their remains were found. I agreed with this at first but recently thought that in some, well most actually, movies or other television shows when a spirit is having trouble crossing over it might be because they have unfinished business.
  • I think at least two spirits have crossed over, that being Nora and Chad. Why do I think that? Well all Nora wanted was her baby right? When she finally did get a baby, she left it with Vivien. She complained about the babys crying and even called it a monster. Maybe she some how realised she didn’t want a baby after all and that was what finally let her cross over. As for Chad, I think he always wanted to have a baby with Patrick but once Patrick started cheating, things changed. He even said in on the flashbacks that Patrick wouldn’t even talk about having a family with him anymore. After Tate killed them that Halloween I guess Chad thought they’d be together forever, especially when Vivien got pregnant and the idea of taking one of the babies presented itself. But then with over-hearing what Patrick said to Tate, of him having fallen in love with someone else before they were murdered and he was planning to leave Chad, Chad might have realised that he would never be able to have the family he wanted.
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