Just a thought…

I know most of you won’t agree with me but that’s okay.

I guess with not seeing my lovely John in RHCP’s new video¬†(which yes I still have it on replay ‘cause it’s fucking awesome!)¬†and seeing Josh instead it’s finally gotten through my head that he’s not in the band anymore. I hate that, but I’m also starting to really like Josh.

I think Josh is extremely talented and I love the fact that it’s seems to come so natural to him, just like it was for John when he started out in the band (well ofcourse I think it still does but you know what I mean lol). I think the guys made a good decision with who they chose to be the bands new guitarist just like they made all the other times (which were a fuckload of other times, just saying).

So in conclusion: I really like Josh, but I will always miss John… and I hope his cunt of a stalker gets hit in the face with a chair :D